Shriek No More My Friend

Shackled you are escorted down the damp dark passage
Hooded body guards all around, amidst sounds of revelry
Relics of your past assail you as you are herded out
Into the open stripped of your pride, draped in rags
Excitement builds in the crowd as you are released and the
King issues his decree upon you and all of the wrongs done.

Now another gate opens releasing the monster to devour
Only faith will save you now, can you rely on it

Men throughout the ages fight from within their soul
Only those strong in their faith will come away unscathed
Reality creeps in as you struggle to grasp for hope
Every soul who stood here before you reaches out

Madness creeping into your mind as the monster roars
You struggle to fight against it with just your will.

Finally you 
Realize that 
It's time to
End this
Nightmare or is it truly just a