My Son Grows

Home from school he came one day,
and told me the strangest word play.
About what went on in the boys bathroom,
when his friends compared private parts.

Asked if he showed off also,
hung his head and told me "No."
When I then asked him "Why?"
"Mom, I couldn't make them cry"

"Cause mine is the biggest of all"
"and I knew I couldn't make them bawl"

Then one day at the age of 15,
he ran down the stairs in just a towel and a grin.
"Mom," he said, "listen to this!"
and began to shake his hips.

Slap, slap slap the sound I heard,
oh I thought how absurd!
"And you think I should be impressed?"
A grin I struggle to keep suppressed.

"Well, yeah" he said seriously.
"Cause they now match the rest of me."
All I could do is turn away,
and try to keep the laugh at bay.

Is it true that boys are vain,
and feel they need to show no pain?
Always have the biggest and best,
always be better than all the rest?

Based upon the colloquy 
that occurred between my son and me.
I have to say I believe it's true
and as men they haven't outgrew.