Happy Birthday Dad (Original)

Today, dad would have been
your ninety-fifth birthday.
Had you won that battle
way back in ninety-five.

The cake of the day I'll create
the one that we've always made.
In honor of your special day.

So as I sit here today,
wishing you Happy Birthday.
Though you're no longer here
in body and mind.

This I know, your spirit still
stands beside me as I go through
the challenges surrmounting.

Dad you know you'll always be
the most important man to me.
May you now rest in peace.

Just a quick note to tell the world
that you were and are my number one.
So today as I write, I'll celebrate

Happy Birthday Dad,
you're sorely missed,
wish you were here so I
could give you a hug and a kiss.

© 6/11/2010 by M. Suzanne Wyatt. All Rights Reserved.

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Haiku #3

Breeze rustling trees,
Birds and cicadas singing
Beautiful music


Living is hell in Limboland,
in doubt exactly where you stand.
What test is next, what will they find,
that has lain dormant in your mind.

Today is just another day,
wondering what will they say.
Will today finally be?
When truth reveals the mystery?

Or will this day again become,
another one that leaves you numb?
Where once again no truth's revealed?
So your body can begin to heal?

Still day by day, you carry on
and trying so hard to be strong.
Each night you pray, cry out to Him,
Lord when will a new trial begin?

Then one morning, drawn to the Book
in the pages you start to look
For something hidden deep within
to give you hope to not give in.

In one stray line is what you seek
a ray of hope, a little peak
It glimmers with a hope that grows
the darkness lifts, the beauty shows.

Soon the words begins to fill you,
giving you strength to continue.
On to the next exam you go,
with hope this time you'll really know.

And on and on you go each day,
nothing, no one gets in your way.
For now you know there soon will be,
the answer that can set you free.

Now it's just a matter of time,
before He answers what's on your mind.
So you'll wait; a bit impatiently,
for Him to show you and set you free.

But for...

A lonely old woman walks,
Slowly from her domicile,
Eyes flashing as a train passes,
Closely by the sacred grounds

No longer an ostrich with her
Head in the sand, she rises up
Proudly past an orgy of madness
Into the chamber as a chorus
Of indolence assails her senses.

She says, "Give me back my freedom"
Raising her cane and shaking it angrily,
"and to those who you ignore,
The pleas of the masses, only to
Give rise to indecency and deceit.

Drowning out the cries of the lost,
You who pass by those in rags,
On the streets in disgust. For it is
Said, "there but for the grace of God, go I"

Remember, those down-trodden, for if
You continue to ignore the cries of those in need
You may no longer have the grace of God, upon you.

Then she turned and quietly left,
smiling from the look of amazement and disbelief
upon the faces of the congressmen .