The Freeloader

A father of four, arrives to work one day. Picks up his time card and prepares to clock in. Boss walks up with a sad look on his face and says, "Sorry son, but business has slowed and we're going to have to lay you off effective now." and hands him his pink slip. "Hopefully, we'll call you back soon."

The man goes to the unemployment office and applies for benefits, he gets the max that is no where near what he received when working. Bills begin to pile up, loses his health insurance because he can't pay the inflated premium. He looks for work every day, still hoping to hear from his old boss to come back, days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, still no call-back, and no new job on the horizon.

Now he leaves his family, so that they can get help from the state to keep a roof over his children's head, food in their stomachs, and pay the bills. He ends up living in the streets, because if he tried to stay with his family, they'd lose their state assistance, which they currently can't afford to do.  Now dad is out of the picture, and mom is struggling to find work herself and affordable child care, because the state won't help them for long.

Here comes the tea party, this father of four now out of work for almost a year, is considered a freeloader, because he is out of work and can't find a job.  "He's not trying hard enough" or "He can work at McDonald's"
This ideology is so very flawed that, anyone in his right mind would lay down on floor laughing his a-double-you-know-what off, but I guess the majority of the tea party aren't in their right minds, (or maybe they are and it's actually the left side of the brain that bears all of the rational thinking).

You tell me, do you think this "hypothetical" scenario is an actual "FREELOADER" or is it what we see today as a plight of many families struggling to find work.  According to the Tea Party rants, they can work more than 1 job maybe 2 or 3 if necessary. Ok, so if they can work 2 or 3 jobs, who's going to raise the kids? When r they supposed to sleep? to eat? bathe? Do anything but work day in and day out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year?  And can they find 2 or more jobs that will blend together? So that they have time to get from one to the other, that will schedule so that they can work more than one?  Some companies will not hire you, unless you agree to not work for a competitor to make up the lower hours.  Like if you work for McDonalds, you can't work for Wendy's, Burger King, etc. at the same time.  Many service industry business' don't allow you to work for them, if you work for a competitor of theirs already.  (They'll also use this as a grounds for termination)

So these so-called "FREELOADERS" are not living off the government "teat" because they don't want a job, it's because the job market is so slim right now, the construction worker, the millwright, the journeyman, the steel worker, can't just walk into a place today and find work in his skill area.  It's ok to pay the CEOs, lawyers, etc. $1 million or more a year salaries, but it's wrong to pay the hard working blue collar worker, (millwrights, journeymans, mechanics, etc.) $20+ dollars an hour.  When it's the back-breaking labor that builds the cars, the houses, the roads, etc. that makes the profits and grows the business' that the CEOs get paid for.

If it weren't for the cook, the dishwasher, the clerk, the nurse's aide, the waitress, the roofer, the factory worker, the seamstress, etc. and their loyalty to their employer and taking pride in the "Made In USA" there wouldn't have been a GE, or Whirlpool, or Ford, GM, many American companies today have turned their back on those who made them who they are today.  The Corporations don't care about those who made them who they are today, they just care about increasing their profit margin.  Cheaper isn't always better, Made In China means replace every 10 weeks or so, Made in America means you only need to replace once every 10 years or more.