Summer's Tempest

Courtesy of David James/Riser/Getty Images

Summer's Tempest

Summer's Tempest is in the air,
dark rolling clouds are everywhere.
Soon the sun begins to fade,
 rolling thunder pierced the glade.

Now the winds begin to rise,
in a violent battle for the prize.
The trees in a frenzied dance,
 rain begins to flow and prance.
Soon lightening joins in the fight,
Striking trees and ground with all it's might.
Branches crack, the leaves they shudder,
again, we hear the rolling thunder.

© June 3, 2010. M Suzanne Wyatt, All rights reserved 

Recipe for Disaster

Recipe for Disaster

In a large bowl, place 3 unrelated thoughts,
separated from a swiss cheese brain.
Whip into frenzy, then add a dash of confusion
and beat until stiff peaks form. Set aside.

In saucepan mix strength and courage,
with a pinch of stubbornness.
Let boil over medium heat
stirring constantly until
mixture forms a hard ball;
then remove from heat and pout
into large bowl, in a fine stream
beating constantly until glossy.

When beaten well add a teaspoon of insanity,
along with a touch of impatience.
Then spread unevenly in oblong pan
then try to wait until cool.

© 6/3/2010  M Suzanne Wyatt, All rights reserved

Meeting of The Muses

Meeting of the Muses

Calliope and Euterpe always seem
to be nagging me,
On my shoulders they are poised,
planting thoughts and making noise.

Then up jumps Terpsichore
with her sing-song voice,
and now my poetry
starts on another course.

But Thalia chimes in and tells a joke,
a bit of humor now is invoked.
Clio she is miffed, "Where's the history?"
So now I'm really in a tiff.

Erato cries, "Where's your heart?"
Her passionate scream gives me a start.
Urania says, "Remember the Stars!"
I'd rather be eating dinner.

Calliope now is in my ear,
"Tell the others get out of here!"
Euterpe grabs the other one,
"I think it's really my turn, hun."

Polyhymnia she has her say,
"Remember now, it's time to pray."
Melpomene sits back quietly,
saddened by this revelry.

Back and forth
they continue to battle,
I'm getting tired
of all their prattle

Finally Melpomene says, "Enough!"
"It's time to quit!"
"No more hints,
not one wee bit"

One by one they fade away
ending this
meeting of the muses
for another day.

© September 5, 2010. M Suzanne Wyatt, All rights reserved 

Grandma's Little Garden Bugs

Grandma’s little Garden Bugs

Two little garden bugs in the pansy bed,
Pulling out the weeds and grass,
To keep the flowers fed,
See the pretty flowers Grams?
Can we keep them please?

Oh my little garden bugs,
This I’m sad to say
Soon your little pansy bed
Will quickly fade away.
For the fairies on silver wings
Need them to feed the trees.

Please don’t cry my little ones,
Your care will be rewarded
In their place my garden bugs,
New treats will be awarded.
Soon more blossoms will appear
On other plants very near.

So take good care my garden bugs,
of all the blossoms ‘round you.
Pulling all the weeds and grass,
And keep the blossoms fed.
Soon the treats will be ripe
And ready to be eaten.

©2010, Suzanne Wyatt.  All rights reserved.