One Tuesday Night

At home alone one Tuesday night,
I sit skimming through the flicks
displayed on the TV,
past my retinas to my brain.
Bundled in my robe, a numbness in my feet,
half awake, I hear a tango being played.

Look at all this dust, here in this place,
I rise to find my gloves, I am such a disgrace.
No money left, the rent half paid,
no food to eat, there is no heat.

As I listen to my rumbling gut,
a cry for sustenance which I ignore.
After 30 years of paying my dues,
you'd think I'd be worth more
than a paltry few.

So here I sit in this decrepit
place, forgotten by the human race.
Gloves and robes my only clothes
no one cares about me now.

The heater's broke, there is no phone,
there's nothing left to create some heat
Now the lights begin to flicker,
the storm outside is getting thicker.

No more movies for me tonight,
the cold is coming to take my life.
So I'll sit here in my robe and gloves
waiting patiently for the warmth of God's love.

The light comes it seems from nowhere on Angel's wings
along with it comes the warmth of love
my soul leaves this shell of what I once was.

And travels gladly into the light,
from earth to heaven one dark dreary night.