Happy Birthday Dad (Original)

Today, dad would have been
your ninety-fifth birthday.
Had you won that battle
way back in ninety-five.

The cake of the day I'll create
the one that we've always made.
In honor of your special day.

So as I sit here today,
wishing you Happy Birthday.
Though you're no longer here
in body and mind.

This I know, your spirit still
stands beside me as I go through
the challenges surrmounting.

Dad you know you'll always be
the most important man to me.
May you now rest in peace.

Just a quick note to tell the world
that you were and are my number one.
So today as I write, I'll celebrate

Happy Birthday Dad,
you're sorely missed,
wish you were here so I
could give you a hug and a kiss.

© 6/11/2010 by M. Suzanne Wyatt. All Rights Reserved.

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