As I closed my eyes last night,
a flash of blue just caught my sight
Soon this had turned to shades of black
as shades of purple drew me back.

Then a rainbow came into view
a phantasm from reds to blues
Again a curtain began to fall
but an orb of light centered all

Soon the light a hue of blue
softened what came into my view
A flash of golden  on my right,
a smiling face came  into sight.

As I entered a dreamlike state,
colors blend to reveal my fate

Oh Great Dragon

Oh, Great Dragon of ancient lore,
Tell me your story I implore,
Take me away to ancient days,
Show me about archaic ways.

Tell me, tell me, please tell me more,
Oh, Great Dragon of ancient lore,
Of magic, spells and sorcery
about the cry of the banshee.

Wizards, witches, all hallows eve,
faeries, elves, and now we shall grieve
Oh, Great Dragon of ancient lore,
your ancient tales I do adore.

With mighty wings and fiery breath
you blessed the banshee's cry of death
remembered now for evermore
Oh, Great Dragon of ancient lore


Mystical tales from ancient lands
A mighty dragon he regales
nature's elements hands to hands
Mystical tales

Elementals in mystic veils
Faeries circle in forest stands
Bless knights in search of holy grails

Celtic lore tells of holy lands
of dragons, and the banshee wails
How death was served with loving hands
Mystical tales