Mysts Of Avalon

Within the mists of Avalon;
came visions of two hearts as one.
To her the vision has revealed;
a steed, a man with sword and shield .

And pressing hand to heart she said,
"This is the one whom I will wed."
To him her eyes of azure deep,
so lovely he began to weep.

From tourmaline to lavender,
he gazed into those eyes of hers.
Until these changing pools of light,
told him she was to be his wife.

The Great Dragon of sacred tales,
appeared before them to regale.
With the Celtic Goddess by his side,
to tell them how they will preside .

As Goddess tears and Dragon's fire,
seal their bonds that can't expire.
Warrior Princess and her Knight
answered the call to re-unite.

As Lord and Lady, face to face,
they offer each their first embrace.
With hands entwined like vines they seal,
their bond of love that's now revealed.

As mists of magic fade away,
the Dragon smiles upon this day.
For these two hearts now beat as one,
the quest is over, Evil's gone.

An end to pain and wicked spells,
but that's another tale to tell .

The Beauty Within..v2

Maybe they wear glasses, or they've got crooked teeth
They may be fat and ugly, clumsy with two left feet.
Because you can't get past this to see what lies underneath

You're unable to really see the beauty in their souls. 
They've qualities deep inside, much nicer than any of yours.
Your beauty's only skin deep, theirs goes through and through.

Sallly she's artistic can draw the most beautiful scenes.
But she's got a lisp and seems to slur her speech.
So you jeer and taunt her, and flaunt your looks supreme.

Bobby he's overweight, but the stories he can write.
Can paint for you a wonderland of mystery and delight.
But you just ignore his words, and call him awful names.

Your beauty's only skin deep, and you are oh so vain.
Selfish and self-centered, greed and lust your friend
One day you'll no longer be that beauty king or queen.

While you grow old and ugly, their beauty will still shine
They've shared their hearts with everyone, inspiring the mind.
While you've only cared about yourself, selfish and unkind.

My Last Dime

Down to my last dime,
the kids all want to have a good time

But the bills are all paid,
so I just can't complain

We're not out in the street,
we've got plenty of heat.

Just wish we had a bit extra to eat.

Maybe next month we'll have a bit more
the kids are all hungry as they walk out the door.

Off to school they go as I wish I had more,
than a few saltines to give them to devour.

When will it end?

The Beauty Within..v1

Maybe I wear glasses, or I have crooked teeth

I may be short and ugly, clumsy with two left feet
Because you can't get past this to see what lies underneath

You're unable to see the real me, the beauty within my soul
But I have qualities inside that are more beautiful than yours.
Your beauty's only skin deep, while mine goes through and through

While you grow old and ugly, my beauty will always shine
Greed and lust has guided you, while I've been generous and kind

So all your words to hurt me and demean my character
Will soon come back to haunt you when you're old and vain
And your hair is thinning, no longer a beauty queen

Red Granite Stone

Only a red granite stone marks where I lay
No words of love or wonder on it say
Who I was or if I had been loved
Soon lost to all but God's precious dove

Amongst the headstones of those long gone
I lay there quietly under that red granite stone
Soon any who knew of my birth
Will also lie quietly beneath the earth

Then only this red granite stone
will be here to say that I was born
No time to live, my life taken away
I died upon my first birthday

This red granite stone will always be
the only home ever known to me
An angel of God I will always be
Guardian of my family

© November 18, 2010.   M Suzanne Wyatt, All rights reserved 


The graceful Heron a waterfowl, as quiet as the Great White Owl.
Settles down amongst the reeds, of the swamplands so they can feed
With one leg poised for instant lift, their wingspan is their greatest gift.

As they gaze through the mire, there is just one thing to which they aspire
With elongated beaks of such proportions they find and grab tasty portions
To nurture their fledgling nest,  and protect them from certain death

But soon it seems their fate will be, complete extinction you must agree
For man's quest for fossil fuels, and an absence of moral scruples
Have poisoned oceans, seas and shores, with dispersant, oil and more

Without regards to repercussions in their quest for more production
Man sees fit to cause destruction,  to all life without remorse or discussion
In his quest to possess he has caused our world much distress

Natures gifts to human kind, seem destined to become  entwined
Within man's mighty grasp, Nature's voice now just a gasp
Soon her death we will perceive, but way too late to intercede

When the animals of the land, sea and air,  are no longer here or there
Or will man change his ways today, before this problem comes to stay.
If he doesn't then soon we'll see other life on earth will cease to be.

When this comes a new age begins, one without the touch of man.

© October 5, 2010.  M Suzanne Wyatt, All rights reserved 

Sea Song

Image Prompt Poetry

The trumpet of the conch shell
sounds across the sea
Calling to the creatures there
then floats gently to the surface
For humankind to see
 like teardrops for eternity

© November 17, 2010.   M Suzanne Wyatt, All rights reserved 

My Dream Takes Shape

            it really just last night? I dreamt that I had my son's                 wife
            pleading, begging for her very life? Down on her knees,        at 
           the    point of a gun, apologizing for everything wrong    she  had
           ever  done.     As    the cops
    stormed          in their guns
      drawn, saying ma' am  don't
          do this  please drop
               your gun. What? 
   I proudly said,
  raising the gun
  to my head and
        squirting myself
         right in the face,
        with colored water
         and bits of paint.
       Make this wretch   
  who's lied to me finally 
    answer truthfully?

© June 10, 2010.  M Suzanne Wyatt. All Rights Reserved.

(Note: This is my one and only attempt at shape/concrete poetry)


Bronze Trophy Winner
AP Contest RFI Group
May fourth two thousand seven
a warm spring day I was in heaven
Healthy and alive that day
I took my grandchild out to play.

To the playground we skipped along,
singing our merry song,
Soon I forgot my age you see,
began to act like a child of three.

Then that came to a sudden halt,
as a sharp pain came like an electric jolt
Down I went on my knees and hands,
I now could not even stand.

From this day forth, my transformation came
so quickly it seems, came the cane.
From that to walker, now power chair,
skin and bones, and thinning hair.

Pills and pain now rule my days,
health is gone so far away.
I still remember that day in May,
when I could still go out and play.