Welcome to my blog!

Well, I'm out of the hospital again after another bout with pneumonia, currently in a rehab center in Holt, Michigan a lot has happened since I last worked on my blog.
Moved to Mason, Michigan -- Had my laptop stolen -- Son getting divorced -- Niece taken over care of my mother -- Just to name a few..
Got my first smartphone, still haven't gotten a new laptop yet so bear with me as I learn to use this dumb thing lol!
I'll start posting a bit more now that I've found the blogger app for android, still going to look for some speaking app for blogger, well I'll post again later have a great one!!


Well I;ve returned to Michigan that was in August 2012, then I was hospitalized in February 2013 with pneumonia and was in there 22 days, now I'm back living with my cousin in Springport and just recently got myself a new laptop. Wrote another poem this week and just posted it a couple of days ago.  It's call "Farewell Summer" I'm not sure it's the right title for the poem, but I'm always open to suggestions.

Well, I'm back in Florida with my sister, because the winters in Michigan were just too much for my bones/joints to deal with.  Soon I'll be adding more stories/poems to my blog be sure to bookmark me!

I've added a page to share your inspiration links with me!  Share your favorite stories, poems, images, backgrounds, tags, you tube videos, music files whatever it is that inspires you feel free to post a link! 

Share your Favorites!

UPDATE! I'm in the process of moving all of my All Poetry Writings to my blog, so please bear with me as I get them transported here, you may at times see double entries of poems on here.  If you've made a comment on one or both as I discover duplicates, I'll be deleting some comments (which I hate doing) but in order to retrieve all of my poetry from All Poetry while the site under goes a massive upgrade, I'm going to be sharing all of my poetry here.  Hopefully my friends on AP will begin to follow me over to blogger and start their own blogs here.  I've had much less trouble here than I am having on AP right now.  Plus I have more freedom to share my other skills.  Thank you everyone who has commented and shared their love of poetry with me.  I'll continue holding a profile page for the time being on AP, but I'm going to share my poetry and my stories here on my blog.  Enjoy them and visit often!
Hello and welcome to my poetry blog!  Let me introduce 
myself here, my nickname (FamaSemperVivat) is based
on the Latin term for fame lasts forever (I think) from a 
contest I hosted on All Poetry almost a year ago.
If I'm wrong as to this please tell me the true meaning, 
(I suck at Latin)

Now how did I start writing, you might ask..  Well, I'll try to
tell you.  I started writing creatively since elementary school,
I'm also an avid reader, (I've even read the backs of cereal 
boxes at the breakfast table).
What's brought me back to writing? Well, about 4 years ago 
now I became injured and my mobility has become limited, 
so I turned to the computer and the internet as a way to 
continue to communicate with the outside world, since 
it's easier to get around on the internet than it is for me to 
get around my house.

And, I love to write.  I started out with a MySpace page and 
created a blog there about how American Jobs were moving 
overseas at an alarming rate back in 2005.  I then joined
Facebook, now I twitter (with my c-span junkies every 
morning) Then I found The Writer's Forum, The Critical Poet, 
Echoes of My Soul Poetry Forum and then I found All Poetry 
where I really feltthat I have grown as a poet and a writer.

I then began my first blog here on Google "At Home In 
Springport" when the health care reform was being 
considered in Washington, DC back in 2009/2010 to 
voice my views and opinions.  Then I started another blog 
for poets and writers of my own called "Poets In Training" 
with an offshoot of that for our youngest ones called
 "Young Poets Corner" I also like to design graphics and 
backgrounds so I've joined a couple of graphic design 
groups. I'll probably share some of my backgrounds and 
tags as I get them developed here as well.

Ok, I've said enough, enjoy my poetry and please comment, 
let me know what you like, don't like suggest improvements.  
Oh and also if I've got a poem in a category that it just doesn't 
fit with, please tell me.  I'm struggling to figure out exactly
where a poem belongs.  I'm open to any and all ideas.

You can also visit my Poets In Training blog and my 
Young Poet's Corner blog (managed by a young man named 
SuperFirst (Adrian Dayne)  you should read some of his poetry, 
for a pre-teen he's got a way with words that will blow your mind.

Farewell Summer

Lost in thoughts of pain and sorrow
Never to see a bright tomorrow
The Lord of Salvation has left my side
No longer a helping hand to guide

Day by day I struggle so
Just to walk to and fro
No words of praise or love
Just words of hate and painful shoves

Lost again from all that's dear
Oh Lord please take me out of here
One more day of a clouded sky
I just wish I could say good-bye