Grandma's Little Garden Bugs

Grandma’s little Garden Bugs

Two little garden bugs in the pansy bed,
Pulling out the weeds and grass,
To keep the flowers fed,
See the pretty flowers Grams?
Can we keep them please?

Oh my little garden bugs,
This I’m sad to say
Soon your little pansy bed
Will quickly fade away.
For the fairies on silver wings
Need them to feed the trees.

Please don’t cry my little ones,
Your care will be rewarded
In their place my garden bugs,
New treats will be awarded.
Soon more blossoms will appear
On other plants very near.

So take good care my garden bugs,
of all the blossoms ‘round you.
Pulling all the weeds and grass,
And keep the blossoms fed.
Soon the treats will be ripe
And ready to be eaten.

©2010, Suzanne Wyatt.  All rights reserved.