Meeting of The Muses

Meeting of the Muses

Calliope and Euterpe always seem
to be nagging me,
On my shoulders they are poised,
planting thoughts and making noise.

Then up jumps Terpsichore
with her sing-song voice,
and now my poetry
starts on another course.

But Thalia chimes in and tells a joke,
a bit of humor now is invoked.
Clio she is miffed, "Where's the history?"
So now I'm really in a tiff.

Erato cries, "Where's your heart?"
Her passionate scream gives me a start.
Urania says, "Remember the Stars!"
I'd rather be eating dinner.

Calliope now is in my ear,
"Tell the others get out of here!"
Euterpe grabs the other one,
"I think it's really my turn, hun."

Polyhymnia she has her say,
"Remember now, it's time to pray."
Melpomene sits back quietly,
saddened by this revelry.

Back and forth
they continue to battle,
I'm getting tired
of all their prattle

Finally Melpomene says, "Enough!"
"It's time to quit!"
"No more hints,
not one wee bit"

One by one they fade away
ending this
meeting of the muses
for another day.

© September 5, 2010. M Suzanne Wyatt, All rights reserved