The Beauty Within..


Maybe they wear glasses, or they've got crooked teeth
They may be fat and ugly, clumsy with two left feet.
Because you can't get past this to see what lies underneath

You're unable to really see the beauty in their souls.
They've qualities deep inside, much nicer than any of yours.
Your beauty's only skin deep, theirs goes through and through.

Sally she's artistic can draw the most beautiful scenes.
But she's got a lisp and she seems to slur her speech.
So you jeer and taunt her, and flaunt your looks supreme.

Your beauty's only skin deep, and you are oh so vain.
Selfish and self-centered, greed and lust your friend
One day you'll no longer be that beauty king or queen.

Bobby he's a bit overweight, but the stories he can write.
Can paint for you a wonderland of mystery and delight.
But you just ignore his words, and call him awful names.

While you grow old and ugly, their beauty will still shine
They've shared their hearts with everyone, inspiring the mind.
While you've only cared about yourself, selfish and unkind.

© M Suzanne Wyatt, All rights reserved