Poet In Training

I'm have been writing poetry since I was in High School almost 40 years ago.  And I have recently been posting my poetry on several poetry forums, and I'm getting a lot of praise from true published poets, as well as, hopeful published and many have suggested that I should get my poetry published.  So I'm going to start posting my poetry here in hopes of getting everything together in one place, so that I can decide which poems, belong to which genre.  Comments from my followers are very welcome.  Thank you all.  Because of changes on All Poetry my poetry will be imported to this blog.  Soon all will be shared via this. But in the meantime you can still view my poetry and my friends & favorite poets on AP at the following links.

Visit my poetry on All Poetry!  All Poetry

My Birthday Surprise from Echoes of My Soul poetry forum!  Poem Of The Day! 8/11/2010

Links to my All Poetry Favorites and Friends My Friends and Favorites on All Poetry