Mysts Of Avalon

Within the mists of Avalon;
came visions of two hearts as one.
To her the vision has revealed;
a steed, a man with sword and shield .

And pressing hand to heart she said,
"This is the one whom I will wed."
To him her eyes of azure deep,
so lovely he began to weep.

From tourmaline to lavender,
he gazed into those eyes of hers.
Until these changing pools of light,
told him she was to be his wife.

The Great Dragon of sacred tales,
appeared before them to regale.
With the Celtic Goddess by his side,
to tell them how they will preside .

As Goddess tears and Dragon's fire,
seal their bonds that can't expire.
Warrior Princess and her Knight
answered the call to re-unite.

As Lord and Lady, face to face,
they offer each their first embrace.
With hands entwined like vines they seal,
their bond of love that's now revealed.

As mists of magic fade away,
the Dragon smiles upon this day.
For these two hearts now beat as one,
the quest is over, Evil's gone.

An end to pain and wicked spells,
but that's another tale to tell .