Waste Away

Has it been just 3 years ago?
That I felt good about my soul?
It seems to be an eternity,
since my body has been good to me.

Day by day I watch my health
turn from vitality into just a shell
Each day I weigh a little less,
how did I get myself into this mess?

My muscles now no longer firm,
Hands are crippled, feet are numb
Sometimes I feel like this is dumb.

Why can't they find a diagnosis?
They act like this is just a neurosis.

Pain intense, sensations fleeting
Eating, eating all the time.
No weight is gained it seems sublime.

I've lost control of my destiny,
what is it that God wants of me?
Where is it that he wants me to go?

So I hope the answer is revealed
that he still keeps concealed

Until that day of revelation comes
I'll try to keep from being numb
I no longer want to waste away
perhaps the answer comes today

© 7/29/2010 M S Wyatt All Rights Reserved