Shriek No More My Friend

Shackled you are escorted down the damp dark passage
Hooded body guards all around, amidst sounds of revelry
Relics of your past assail you as you are herded out
Into the open stripped of your pride, draped in rags
Excitement builds in the crowd as you are released and the
King issues his decree upon you and all of the wrongs done.

Now another gate opens releasing the monster to devour
Only faith will save you now, can you rely on it

Men throughout the ages fight from within their soul
Only those strong in their faith will come away unscathed
Reality creeps in as you struggle to grasp for hope
Every soul who stood here before you reaches out

Madness creeping into your mind as the monster roars
You struggle to fight against it with just your will.

Finally you 
Realize that 
It's time to
End this
Nightmare or is it truly just a

Cherry On Top

Banana Cream Pie,
or a banana split. Isn’t
complete, without this bit.
A Cherry on Top for all to see,
the sweetest of the entire treat.

Ice Cream, whipped cream
fruity flavors abound,
But none can compare
to the one that's round.
So make that shake,
and that sundae treat.
Top it off with that
luscious sweet
Cherry on Top
the best one
yet. The one
for you
to get

After the Storm

The black wrought iron gate grinds against it's rusty hinges
as you try to quietly enter the archaic garden of greenery,
and once colorful petals of the ancient mansion,
alerting those seeking shelter within,
causing a cachophy of noise, as they skitter about.

A stab of pain pierces your heart as
you observe the desolation after the storm,
the promenade is riddled with debris from the breath of Zeus,
an uneasiness surrounds you as you gasp, breaking the silence
with your voice, talking is useless, no one will hear you, you're alone

A vision of what once was floats into your memories,
but quickly fades as you look around
stunned at the destruction that has come
to this once beautiful place
No longer a haven of solitude and peacefulness,
now only a broken memory; a shell of what once was.

Tearfully, you begin to pick up the battered remnants
of your past. Wallowing in sorrow, lost-
with only fleeting moments of happiness,
quickly replaced by grief and sorrow.

The storm has passed but the remnants
of it's fury remain and seems to laugh
at the pain and destruction it has left.


The mists on the Isle of Albion, stands a young man at rising dawn
Curious about his plight he follows a path through the end of night,
Then at a shore he begins to ponder, as he peers out in guileless wonder.
For rising from the moonlit lake, a lady flows towards him through the wake.

"Child", she says "what is your need?" "I’m here to aid you with all speed"
"My Lady, I arrive in shame, for I do not even know my name."
"Your name is Merlin," this I know, the quest that's drawn you has far to go
What my Lady is my quest,I feel as if I am possessed

Fear not my child soon you will see, your place on earth revealed to thee
The magic felt within this glade, has begun to quickly fade,
A great wizard one day you’ll be, because it is your destiny
Now, seek the dragon deep within, a cavern chained by kith and kin

Travel now on this path I’ve laid, to serve the prince and learn your trade,
For the prince one day will be, the king of all and in need of thee,
There you’ll find the dragon of which I spoke, chained around his mighty throat,
The magic that you hold within, must be hid from all till then

One day my child your name will be revered throughout eternity
My Lady I still can’t see what is it that my quest's to be
This I know Merlin the Mage, you will grow to a ripe old age,
All the rest will be revealed to thee, in time my child you will see,

Now go my son upon this trail, seek the prince so we may prevail
To bring our magic back again, to aid all our kith and kin
Science it seems to be the law of land instead of we,
In this quest you must not fail, or I and others will surely pale,

My lady the young lad cried, what is it has magic died?
Magic my son soon will be nothing but a memory
This prince that I must defend, will he also be my friend?
Yes she says he will be, King Arthur of Camelot friend to thee

But for...

A lonely old woman walks,
Slowly from her domicile,
Eyes flashing as a train passes,
Closely by the sacred grounds

No longer an ostrich with her
Head in the sand, she rises up
Proudly past an orgy of madness
Into the chamber as a chorus
Of indolence assails her senses.

She says, "Give me back my freedom"
Raising her cane and shaking it angrily,
"and to those who you ignore,
The pleas of the masses, only to
Give rise to indecency and deceit.

Drowning out the cries of the lost,
You who pass by those in rags,
On the streets in disgust. For it is
Said, "there but for the grace of God, go I"

Remember, those down-trodden, for if
You continue to ignore the cries of those in need
You may no longer have the grace of God, upon you.

Then she turned and quietly left,
smiling from the look of amazement and disbelief
upon the faces of the congressmen .


The Scent of Lilacs is in the air,
Bringing hopes of spring everywhere.
Soon we'll see the butterflies,
for now the blooms just begin to rise.

Slowly as the days march by,
the lilacs wither with a sigh.
As summer comes and days grow long,
Mother Earth sings her song.

It's into autumn now we go,
as vivid colors around us flow.
The trees prepare for winter’s prize,
the leaves floating to earth
like butterflies

For now the trees will prepare,
to receive winter’s roar,
without a care.
The air turns cold,
then snowflakes fall,
as the frost
from Jack surrounds us all.

Then, as winter fades away,
with the warmth of spring.
day by day, Mother's song
begins again,
while softly falls
the springtime rain.

As sunshine spreads and rain subsides
The arc of color no longer hides
The rainbow now no longer there,
The Scent of lilacs in the air.


I remember when I was just a child,
as I watched in awe the changing clouds,
from puffs of white to blobs of dark,
as they smothered the sun.

Then eyes open wide
when lightening streaks
pierced the sky then
from somewhere deep within
that rolling mass a crack, a rumble
came real fast.

As I was this coming vision,
the rain came down in sheets
like ribbon.

As mother tried to pull me away,
I fought her oh so violently.
I loved this change within the air,
the dangers awaiting there.

Soon the clouds they changed again,
as the mass started to spin,
around and down to the ground

Lifting trees, and debris
I continued to watch
almost gleefully.

Then I saw the look of fear,
as momma said let's get out of here.
So I went to someplace safe,
so that look would leave my momma's face.

Still today an aging wreck,
a storm in summer,
I love to watch, still
my mother shakes her head
in awe, wondering what it is
I saw.

Lilacs In Bloom

When lilacs first in my backyard bloom,
their scent and color remove all gloom,
The sunny skies, the soft warm rain,
allows them to live again.
But as the days begin to change,
their scent and color fades and then
The petals they begin to fall,
welcoming summer in for all,

The early rise of lilacs reign,
resigns to summer’s mighty campaign,
to nurture the earth for growth of plants,
from corn to wheat with just a glance.
The grains that have been grown,
as fall arrives will soon be sown,
To become the source for many juices, oils, and bread,
for those on earth who shall be fed.

As the season begins to change,
the land the workers will rearrange,
In preparation for winter’s roar,
as many birds begin to soar,
The lilac bush it’s leaves now gone,
prepared to receive winter’s dawn,
Quietly it lies in wait,
for the snowy days to abate

Then again as the cycle turns,
the sun will then begin to burn,
Away the snow from all the land,
to warm the earth where lilacs stand,
The cycle now begins again,
with sunny skies and soft warm rain
When lilacs first in my backyard bloom,
their scent and color remove all gloom.

One Tuesday Night

At home alone one Tuesday night,
I sit skimming through the flicks
displayed on the TV,
past my retinas to my brain.
Bundled in my robe, a numbness in my feet,
half awake, I hear a tango being played.

Look at all this dust, here in this place,
I rise to find my gloves, I am such a disgrace.
No money left, the rent half paid,
no food to eat, there is no heat.

As I listen to my rumbling gut,
a cry for sustenance which I ignore.
After 30 years of paying my dues,
you'd think I'd be worth more
than a paltry few.

So here I sit in this decrepit
place, forgotten by the human race.
Gloves and robes my only clothes
no one cares about me now.

The heater's broke, there is no phone,
there's nothing left to create some heat
Now the lights begin to flicker,
the storm outside is getting thicker.

No more movies for me tonight,
the cold is coming to take my life.
So I'll sit here in my robe and gloves
waiting patiently for the warmth of God's love.

The light comes it seems from nowhere on Angel's wings
along with it comes the warmth of love
my soul leaves this shell of what I once was.

And travels gladly into the light,
from earth to heaven one dark dreary night.

My Life Change

Three years ago, before my life
Became a thing of frustration and strife
While on the playground trying to be
a youngster instead of acting my age of fifty-three

When all of a sudden I felt a snap,
and down I went with a big, big whap!
The pain that shot from knee to hip,
started me upon this trip.

That's taken me from an active adult
to just a mere shell of myself.
The doctors they still don't have a clue,
what is wrong, so I'm still blue.

With all the symptoms and signs to see,
they'll still haven't found an answer for me.
It's hard to believe just 3 years past,
I didn't need a help lifting a glass.

This is what's changed my life,
from working mom to disabled wife.
I hope the answers soon will come
and they won't leave me feeling numb.

Post Ictal

Alarm rings. I rub my eyes,
stretch, start to rise, feet moving.


Noise, dizzy, head pounding.
Bright lights.
Where am I?

Focus, not home.
white coats, wires all around

Sleep need sleep, can't concentrate.
Head hurts.

Heaviness surrounds me.
Arms, eyes, legs heavy. So heavy.
Sleep, need sleep.


How many fingers? What's your name?
I can't answer.

What time is it? Where am I?
what brought me here.

No memory since--
since alarm I went to stand
but how did I get here from there?

Love and Memories

The old quill pen is dipped in ink of blue,
while the old woman sips upon her brew,
as a tape plays softly in the air,
an older song called "Running Bear"

Ooo-gash-a-gow-ooo the rhythm goes,
as the old woman taps her toes.
In tune it seems to the drummer's beat,
she usually can't even move her feet.

Lost in time upon her porch
her sister writes letters of retort,
To her loved one long since dead,
though she still sees him in her head.

Here I sit upon my knees
watching this with reverency
As I prepare tonight's treat,
strawberries their favorite sweet.

I bow my head so they can't see
the tears that are flowing so free.
For I know soon will be their fate
gone from earth to heaven's gate.

I sit here watching quietly
as two old women whom I love,
bask in the sunlight while I kneel
down upon my knees
thanking our Lord
for giving me
these two ladies
to love every day.

As a tape of Sonny James
plays softly in the air
an older song
called "Running Bear"


A warm spring rain falls softly in the courtyard,
you hear a Latin beat as you quickly move forward
Drenched from head to toe you step into the Tavern
Sidle up to the bar and order something to calm you.

The rhythm from the maracas, tambourine, and guitars
invades your soul, taking you on a fantastic journey.
You watch the senoritas and the senors as they tango,
your foot tapping to the sensuous beat the rhythm of love.

Soon you are swept up into the dance, life is good.
Laughter and love fills you, as the drinks continue to flow.
Soon the rhythm reaches a crescendo and now no longer drenched
you down the last drop of tequila, adjust your hat and return to the world. 


Summer storms a vison of wonder
the darking skies, the rolling thunder
the rising wind, the falling rain
the lightening flash like cymbals crash
this is what I enjoy the wildness of a thunderstorm


Dragons of myth and mystery,
Are you just gone, so we can't see?
Or are you in another realm?
Slaves, with new masters at the helm?

No more splendor from devotees.
Dragons of myth and mystery.
Have you heard the banshee's wail?
Have you followed another trail?

Are you waiting for man to fail?
Hidden in the mists of the dale.
Dragons of myth and mystery.
Mankind fears, what they cannot see.

So painted with an evil smile,
and tattered wings, that span a mile.
You lay in wait so silently..
Dragons of myth and mystery..


As I had closed my eyes last night,
a flash of blue just caught my sight
Soon this had turned to shades of black
as shades of purple drew me back.

Then a rainbow came into view
a phantasm from reds to blues
Then a curtain began to fall
but an orb of light centered all

Soon the light a hue of blue
softened what then came into view
A flash of golden  on my right,
a smiling face came  into sight.

As I entered a dreamlike state,
colors blend to reveal my fate