But for...

A lonely old woman walks,
Slowly from her domicile,
Eyes flashing as a train passes,
Closely by the sacred grounds

No longer an ostrich with her
Head in the sand, she rises up
Proudly past an orgy of madness
Into the chamber as a chorus
Of indolence assails her senses.

She says, "Give me back my freedom"
Raising her cane and shaking it angrily,
"and to those who you ignore,
The pleas of the masses, only to
Give rise to indecency and deceit.

Drowning out the cries of the lost,
You who pass by those in rags,
On the streets in disgust. For it is
Said, "there but for the grace of God, go I"

Remember, those down-trodden, for if
You continue to ignore the cries of those in need
You may no longer have the grace of God, upon you.

Then she turned and quietly left,
smiling from the look of amazement and disbelief
upon the faces of the congressmen .