Love and Memories

The old quill pen is dipped in ink of blue,
while the old woman sips upon her brew,
as a tape plays softly in the air,
an older song called "Running Bear"

Ooo-gash-a-gow-ooo the rhythm goes,
as the old woman taps her toes.
In tune it seems to the drummer's beat,
she usually can't even move her feet.

Lost in time upon her porch
her sister writes letters of retort,
To her loved one long since dead,
though she still sees him in her head.

Here I sit upon my knees
watching this with reverency
As I prepare tonight's treat,
strawberries their favorite sweet.

I bow my head so they can't see
the tears that are flowing so free.
For I know soon will be their fate
gone from earth to heaven's gate.

I sit here watching quietly
as two old women whom I love,
bask in the sunlight while I kneel
down upon my knees
thanking our Lord
for giving me
these two ladies
to love every day.

As a tape of Sonny James
plays softly in the air
an older song
called "Running Bear"