The mists on the Isle of Albion, stands a young man at rising dawn
Curious about his plight he follows a path through the end of night,
Then at a shore he begins to ponder, as he peers out in guileless wonder.
For rising from the moonlit lake, a lady flows towards him through the wake.

"Child", she says "what is your need?" "I’m here to aid you with all speed"
"My Lady, I arrive in shame, for I do not even know my name."
"Your name is Merlin," this I know, the quest that's drawn you has far to go
What my Lady is my quest,I feel as if I am possessed

Fear not my child soon you will see, your place on earth revealed to thee
The magic felt within this glade, has begun to quickly fade,
A great wizard one day you’ll be, because it is your destiny
Now, seek the dragon deep within, a cavern chained by kith and kin

Travel now on this path I’ve laid, to serve the prince and learn your trade,
For the prince one day will be, the king of all and in need of thee,
There you’ll find the dragon of which I spoke, chained around his mighty throat,
The magic that you hold within, must be hid from all till then

One day my child your name will be revered throughout eternity
My Lady I still can’t see what is it that my quest's to be
This I know Merlin the Mage, you will grow to a ripe old age,
All the rest will be revealed to thee, in time my child you will see,

Now go my son upon this trail, seek the prince so we may prevail
To bring our magic back again, to aid all our kith and kin
Science it seems to be the law of land instead of we,
In this quest you must not fail, or I and others will surely pale,

My lady the young lad cried, what is it has magic died?
Magic my son soon will be nothing but a memory
This prince that I must defend, will he also be my friend?
Yes she says he will be, King Arthur of Camelot friend to thee