My Life Change

Three years ago, before my life
Became a thing of frustration and strife
While on the playground trying to be
a youngster instead of acting my age of fifty-three

When all of a sudden I felt a snap,
and down I went with a big, big whap!
The pain that shot from knee to hip,
started me upon this trip.

That's taken me from an active adult
to just a mere shell of myself.
The doctors they still don't have a clue,
what is wrong, so I'm still blue.

With all the symptoms and signs to see,
they'll still haven't found an answer for me.
It's hard to believe just 3 years past,
I didn't need a help lifting a glass.

This is what's changed my life,
from working mom to disabled wife.
I hope the answers soon will come
and they won't leave me feeling numb.