The Scent of Lilacs is in the air,
Bringing hopes of spring everywhere.
Soon we'll see the butterflies,
for now the blooms just begin to rise.

Slowly as the days march by,
the lilacs wither with a sigh.
As summer comes and days grow long,
Mother Earth sings her song.

It's into autumn now we go,
as vivid colors around us flow.
The trees prepare for winter’s prize,
the leaves floating to earth
like butterflies

For now the trees will prepare,
to receive winter’s roar,
without a care.
The air turns cold,
then snowflakes fall,
as the frost
from Jack surrounds us all.

Then, as winter fades away,
with the warmth of spring.
day by day, Mother's song
begins again,
while softly falls
the springtime rain.

As sunshine spreads and rain subsides
The arc of color no longer hides
The rainbow now no longer there,
The Scent of lilacs in the air.