I remember when I was just a child,
as I watched in awe the changing clouds,
from puffs of white to blobs of dark,
as they smothered the sun.

Then eyes open wide
when lightening streaks
pierced the sky then
from somewhere deep within
that rolling mass a crack, a rumble
came real fast.

As I was this coming vision,
the rain came down in sheets
like ribbon.

As mother tried to pull me away,
I fought her oh so violently.
I loved this change within the air,
the dangers awaiting there.

Soon the clouds they changed again,
as the mass started to spin,
around and down to the ground

Lifting trees, and debris
I continued to watch
almost gleefully.

Then I saw the look of fear,
as momma said let's get out of here.
So I went to someplace safe,
so that look would leave my momma's face.

Still today an aging wreck,
a storm in summer,
I love to watch, still
my mother shakes her head
in awe, wondering what it is
I saw.