Rambling Thoughts

Just like any other day, then--
I'm somewhere else, unfamiliar white coats
Odd sounds, I'm tired,
where has the day gone? Where am I?
How did I get here?

I feel very, very strange and confused.
Gradually my senses start to return and I realize
I'm not at home, but where am I?
People are rushing around me,
Slowly more of my senses return, did I go to work?
Was I in an accident? Where has the day gone?
How did I get here?

Someone is speaking to me,
but I can't make sense of the words.
I can't say words, what's happened?
What are all these wires? What's that rhythmic beep?
This isn't my bed! Where am I? Why do I feel so tired?
How did I get here?

Slowly oh so slowly, the fog is lifting.
I'm in a hospital, the man in a white coat
He's talking but still I can't understand.
I feel so weak, so tired I just want to sleep
Heaviness of body and mind surround me.
How did I get here?

I begin to understand the words,
from the man in the white coat.
How many fingers do you see, what's your name, he says
But the images are blurry, his voice seems far away.
My head is swimming, I can't find the answers
How did I get here?

I try to talk but my words seem slow coming,
why do I feel so dizzy? Why do I feel so tired?
I don't remember the day. How long have I been here?
My body hurts why? My arms and legs feel so heavy,
I can't stay awake.
How did I get here?

I've lost a day, where did it go?
I only remember starting to rise in the morning.
Was it this morning? How long has it been?
When can I go home? What did you say?
My eyes feel heavy, I can't keep them open.
How did I get here?