Frozen In Time

I cannot speak, I cannot move,
I can only watch and listen.
While others 'round me frantically,
fear that the worst has happened.

Please! I scream within my mind,
I'm still here don't panic so.
Though I might appear absent here,
just look into my eyes you'll see.

I'm locked between then and now,
as time moves on around me.
While I can see and I can hear,
all that's going on.

I can't respond so all can see,
I'm trapped in another realm.
Soon I know I'll again be free,
to move about and speak.

But for now, I have to wait
until this trap has passed.
Frozen here for now I am,
unable to react.

While everything around me moves,
I lay here unresponsive,
Frozen as if in fear, but soon
I'm back as if nothing ever happened.

Frozen In Time a scary thing,
For all who have been through it.
Life around you moves along, and
you're trapped for just a moment.