After the Storm

The black wrought iron gate grinds against it's rusty hinges
as you try to quietly enter the archaic garden of greenery,
and once colorful petals of the ancient mansion,
alerting those seeking shelter within,
causing a cachophy of noise, as they skitter about.

A stab of pain pierces your heart as
you observe the desolation after the storm,
the promenade is riddled with debris from the breath of Zeus,
an uneasiness surrounds you as you gasp, breaking the silence
with your voice, talking is useless, no one will hear you, you're alone

A vision of what once was floats into your memories,
but quickly fades as you look around
stunned at the destruction that has come
to this once beautiful place
No longer a haven of solitude and peacefulness,
now only a broken memory; a shell of what once was.

Tearfully, you begin to pick up the battered remnants
of your past. Wallowing in sorrow, lost-
with only fleeting moments of happiness,
quickly replaced by grief and sorrow.

The storm has passed but the remnants
of it's fury remain and seems to laugh
at the pain and destruction it has left.